Month: January 2021

incomplete list of linux mail commands

As mentioned in the previous post, if you need to run cron jobs in linux, knowing how to debug them via mail is really important.

By the way, mail is the older program, the link above is to the man page of mailx which is the newer program created relatively recently, in 1986!

Navigating through messages in the mailbox is quite a challenge as I found.

So I decided to create a list of the commands which I used most frequently and found useful.

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setting up Kanboard on Ubuntu with Caddy V2

Kanboard is wonderfully simple project and task management application.

The board view gives a nice Trello like interface, where cards can be dragged & dropped across columns.

A really nice and clean user and role management system.

It has a bunch of plugins, like OAuth2, so that third party authentication systems can be used.

And again, like other software that I like, it uses SQLite out of the box which makes moving the entire application around trivial.

Additionally, I’ve started using Caddy V2 which provides LetsEncrypt SSL certificates out of the box and renews them automatically.

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