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Use Wake-On-LAN to wake up another computer when your PC resumes

Starting up another computer on a network itself is such a fascinating idea! For me, it literally feels like magic!

There are so many things involved. The computer which needs to be started (or woken up) has to have the capability, both at the hardware and the software level.

Also the computer doing the waking needs to send a magic packet!

When I initially heard this, I honestly thought this was a joke of some kind. A magic packet? Really?

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pipe localhost to the internet using inlets over Nginx

Many times during developing some application it becomes important to show the progress to someone over the internet.

Most of the time we end up using some screen sharing software. That, however, can only show my screen to the other person. They cannot really interact with the application.

We can use some software for remote desktop sharing but then I cannot work while the other person is using my screen.

One very nice solution is ngrok, which essentially creates a tunnel from the local system to ngrok’s servers and gives a nice URL.


However, I was a bit concerned since all my traffic was getting redirected via ngrok’s servers.

I was looking around for something which would do the same thing but via my servers and finally came across inlets. This is an open source project, written in Go, which can be easily self hosted.

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