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Windows – Path changes not updating

Multiple times when I change the path on Windows, via the ‘Environment Settings’ dialog, those changes don’t apply.

Even when I reopen the command prompt, the settings don’t seem to be there.

So, either I would log out of Windows completely and log back in or do a system restart. This was a big pain and God knows how much time I’ve wasted with this!

Recently, I got tired of this and decided to dig in a bit deeper and finally found the answer!

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How to generate SSH Keys and avoid “Invalid privatekey” error

I’ve long been a user of DBeaver which works so well across different OSes, so recently I wanted to set up the cloud version called cloudbeaver.

In the course of doing that, I had to generate SSH keys to be able to access remote databases via SSH.

Generate an SSH keypair

The standard way of generating SSH keys is to run this command.

> ssh-keygen -t rsa

This by default creates id_rsa and id_rsa.pub under <home directory>/.ssh folder (both in Windows and Linux)

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Disable specific default Windows key shortcuts

A number of times, I prefer to use the Windows key on the keyboard to create shortcuts, especially to applications which I use frequently.

However, Windows has a default set of keyboard shortcuts that it maps to various applications and those key mappings can’t be changed. A few examples are Cortana (Win+C), Clipboard (Win+V).

To get around this, the Registry Editor needs to be modified.

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Use Wake-On-LAN to wake up another computer when your PC resumes

Starting up another computer on a network itself is such a fascinating idea! For me, it literally feels like magic!

There are so many things involved. The computer which needs to be started (or woken up) has to have the capability, both at the hardware and the software level.

Also the computer doing the waking needs to send a magic packet!

When I initially heard this, I honestly thought this was a joke of some kind. A magic packet? Really?

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