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Nginx – folders as subdomains

I have a projects folder in which I put multiple folders, each having an html page.

So, the folder hierarchy looks something like this –


I want to have each of these folders as subdomains to my domain, so I had to create an nginx conf file for each one with a different root path.

I was looking for way to have this done automatically using Nginx and finally found it!

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setup Tiddlywiki with NodeJs server

I’ve always been fascinated by TiddlyWiki, which is considered a personal wiki and non-linear notebook (Wikipedia).

The main reason that was holding me back from using it was that every time I make changes, I would need to save it explicitly or use some browser extension.

I then discovered a very nice Tiddlywiki server on NodeJs (link).

I also wanted this to be password protected and this server provides simple and easy ways to do all that.

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Install and run Metabase

Metabase is a data analyzer and visualizer tool which can connect to many types of databases.

It can do some smart analysis as well as let you write proper SQL queries to create charts and graphs.

Metabase is a Java application which can be run directly. Conversely, it can also be run via Docker.

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moving from LastPass to bitwarden using vaultwarden (bitwarden_rs)

I have been using LastPass for password management since like forever.

I became a paid customer in 2014. It was initially $1/month. Then it got hiked to $2/month and currently it stands at $3/month. That’s $36/year which was working out too much for me.

Furthermore, the free option is limited to a single type of device. Since I wanted to use it across desktops and mobiles, there was no option except for the $3/month plan.

I had been looking at bitwarden for quite some time now but read that it’s too resource heavy. I then came to know of biwarden_rs which is a rewrite of bitwarden in Rust and compatible with upstream Bitwarden clients. I had then forgotten about this for some time until I head the news of it being renamed to vaultwarden via a Reddit thread.

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pipe localhost to the internet using inlets over Nginx

Many times during developing some application it becomes important to show the progress to someone over the internet.

Most of the time we end up using some screen sharing software. That, however, can only show my screen to the other person. They cannot really interact with the application.

We can use some software for remote desktop sharing but then I cannot work while the other person is using my screen.

One very nice solution is ngrok, which essentially creates a tunnel from the local system to ngrok’s servers and gives a nice URL.


However, I was a bit concerned since all my traffic was getting redirected via ngrok’s servers.

I was looking around for something which would do the same thing but via my servers and finally came across inlets. This is an open source project, written in Go, which can be easily self hosted.

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nginx auto-index styling

modified nginx index list

I’ve always been envious of the directory listing that Caddy has for serving files. Nginx also has the capability to list directories and files.

This is extremely useful to serve a directory out quickly over LAN or even where it is required to serve a directory listing instead of a web page.

However, the default Nginx styling leaves a lot to be desired!

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setting up Wallabag with SQLite on Ubuntu

After I got Shaarli setup, I realized that a lot of bookmarks I had imported had broken links and I had no idea what those links were and what they contained.

This caused me a bit of grief, until I came across this software called Wallabag.

Wallabag promised to save pages to my server after cleaning up scripts and unnecessary junk from the html pages.

And the best part was I could choose from Shaarli which pages to save for posterity in Wallabag!

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setting up Shaarli on Ubuntu

Browser bookmarks has been an essential part of browsing for me. But once multiple browsers started appearing, I found that I couldn’t share my bookmarks across browsers.

And then delicio.us appeared. And they even had a free tier! That was such a lifesaver. But like all good things it came to an end and I had to choose something different. I exported all my bookmarks to Diigo and had been using it for ages.

But from the time I got more comfortable with the server side of things, I wanted get off Diigo as well. I didn’t want to face the same problem again in the future.

I came across Shaarli some years ago and always wanted to install it on my own server. Shaarli seemed to always get recommended as an easy-to-install software.

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