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setup Tiddlywiki with NodeJs server

I’ve always been fascinated by TiddlyWiki, which is considered a personal wiki and non-linear notebook (Wikipedia).

The main reason that was holding me back from using it was that every time I make changes, I would need to save it explicitly or use some browser extension.

I then discovered a very nice Tiddlywiki server on NodeJs (link).

I also wanted this to be password protected and this server provides simple and easy ways to do all that.

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PM2 – the best process manager

In the past, on my server I’ve installed Fossil, Syncthing, Bitwarden, Inlets. All these require some form of Process Management. These programs / processes / services need to be always running, so they are restarted in case they get terminated. Also, on a system restart these need to start up automatically.

I’ve mostly used Systemd or Supervisor to all these things.

However, I recently came across PM2 and I was really blown out of my mind as to how simple it was to set it up.

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