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Upgrading Wallabag (again!)

So, I upgraded my server to the latest Ubuntu release and Wallabag broke. I remember I had a tough time upgrading Wallabag. So this time, I decided to run it as a Docker container to avoid issues.

Unfortunately, this also had a few challenges!

Most of the stuff on my server run using flat files or SQLite databases, so I referred to the official Wallabag docs for running it on Docker. It gave the docker run command, but I wanted it as a docker-compose.yml file instead.

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Export SQLite table to CSV

A number of times I’ve needed to export a specific table from an SQLite database to a CSV file.

The sqlite program itself gives a very clean interface for this.

sqlite3 -header -csv database.sqlite "SELECT * FROM artists;" > ./artists.csv

Conversely, if I need do this from the SQLite prompt, I need to do it slightly differently.

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Upgrading Wallabag from 2.3 to 2.4

I had upgraded PHP from 7.2 to 7.3 on my server and suddenly Wallabag stopped working!

I got some weird error like –

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted

I guessed it had something to do with the PHP upgrade. So, I decided to upgrade Wallabag as well.

That’s when the problems started!

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SQLite load test for concurrent transactions using JMeter and JDBC Connection

I came across this article via a Hacker News post. This mentioned that SQLite was able to handle –

400 write transactions per second, and thousands of reads

I’ve recently started implementing applications with SQLite and with journal_mode set to WAL so that multiple concurrent writes could be done. However, I was curious to confirm the concurrent transactions number.

Earlier, I have used SQLite for development but usually on production we would face challenges with the notorious Database is locked error, we would move to Postgres or MySQL. However, I’ve always felt that for 90% of the applications we create don’t require these and was keen to back it up with numbers.

So, I decided to use Apache JMeter to try load testing a sample application.

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moving from LastPass to bitwarden using vaultwarden (bitwarden_rs)

I have been using LastPass for password management since like forever.

I became a paid customer in 2014. It was initially $1/month. Then it got hiked to $2/month and currently it stands at $3/month. That’s $36/year which was working out too much for me.

Furthermore, the free option is limited to a single type of device. Since I wanted to use it across desktops and mobiles, there was no option except for the $3/month plan.

I had been looking at bitwarden for quite some time now but read that it’s too resource heavy. I then came to know of biwarden_rs which is a rewrite of bitwarden in Rust and compatible with upstream Bitwarden clients. I had then forgotten about this for some time until I head the news of it being renamed to vaultwarden via a Reddit thread.

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setting up Kanboard on Ubuntu with Caddy V2

Kanboard is wonderfully simple project and task management application.

The board view gives a nice Trello like interface, where cards can be dragged & dropped across columns.

A really nice and clean user and role management system.

It has a bunch of plugins, like OAuth2, so that third party authentication systems can be used.

And again, like other software that I like, it uses SQLite out of the box which makes moving the entire application around trivial.

Additionally, I’ve started using Caddy V2 which provides LetsEncrypt SSL certificates out of the box and renews them automatically.

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setting up Wallabag with SQLite on Ubuntu

After I got Shaarli setup, I realized that a lot of bookmarks I had imported had broken links and I had no idea what those links were and what they contained.

This caused me a bit of grief, until I came across this software called Wallabag.

Wallabag promised to save pages to my server after cleaning up scripts and unnecessary junk from the html pages.

And the best part was I could choose from Shaarli which pages to save for posterity in Wallabag!

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