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upgrading bitwarden / vaultwarden

I had posted earlier about running Vaultwarden (a Bitwarden server in Rust). This has been running amazingly all this time.

But today, when I tried to log in from the browser extension, I kept getting an error.

Searching in the forum, I found the issue – I had to update the Vaultwarden server.

Since I was running Vaultwarden as a Docker container, and I had run the docker command directly, so I decided to create a docker-compose.yml file instead this time.

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moving from LastPass to bitwarden using vaultwarden (bitwarden_rs)

I have been using LastPass for password management since like forever.

I became a paid customer in 2014. It was initially $1/month. Then it got hiked to $2/month and currently it stands at $3/month. That’s $36/year which was working out too much for me.

Furthermore, the free option is limited to a single type of device. Since I wanted to use it across desktops and mobiles, there was no option except for the $3/month plan.

I had been looking at bitwarden for quite some time now but read that it’s too resource heavy. I then came to know of biwarden_rs which is a rewrite of bitwarden in Rust and compatible with upstream Bitwarden clients. I had then forgotten about this for some time until I head the news of it being renamed to vaultwarden via a Reddit thread.

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