Month: April 2022

Promises and Async / Await

I always struggle with understanding how async / await works.

So, I decided to write the code down and refer to this rather than trying to think it though every time!

I’ll start with the simple XMLHttpRequest

var req = new XMLHttpRequest();

req.onreadystatechange = function () {

  req.onload = function () {
    if (req.status == 200) {'success')
      var arr = JSON.parse(req.responseText);
    else {'error')
}'GET', baseURL, true);

Here, I’m hitting baseURL (defined outside of this code) and doing something with the received array with the populatePage function outside as well.

I wrote it like this so that I don’t add other code which is not relevant to the call.

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Hide commands from bash history temporarily

There’s been a number of times I’ve wanted to not include some commands that I type into bash from being added to bash_history

The most convenient is to start a subshell by typing in bash again. This ensures that the commands in the subshell don’t get added to the history.

There are additional ways of achieving this as well.

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