Sharing your own contact details with someone whom you’re meeting face-to-face is always a bit of a challenge. Messenger apps like WhatsApp do remedy this situation somewhat. However, you still need to have the person’s number saved to be able to send your own contact details across.

This app came as a request from a friend who faced this problem and asked if we could have a QR code which someone could scan and directly save the contact in their address book.


Save all data

Save your contact details and change them when required.


Only select those details you want to share to have it encoded in the QR Code.

Any of the details not selected don’t get encoded.

style the qr code

Most aspects of the QR Code can be modified. This includes the pattern, the squares in the corner, the corner dots / circles as well as the background colors.

share or download

From the ‘Share’ tab, the QR Code can be shared directly to other applications. Also, download it to send it over email or put it up on Facebook or website.

Install as an app

There are instructions on the ‘About’ tab explaining how this site can be added as an app on both Android and iOS phones.


None of the information entered is collected or stored.

Also, there are no cookies used in this app.