In Chrome, if the internet goes off for whatever reason, we get this cute dinosaur game where the dino needs to jump over cacti and pterodactyls.

There aren’t any lives. So, every time you hit an obstruction you end up starting from 0 again.

Which is a bit of a pain.

So, I saw this hack which makes you go through any obstructions without dying.

So, when the internet is down, and you get the error message saying ‘No Internet’, open Chrome Dev Tools by pressing F12.

Then in the Console tab, type the following –

Runner.instance_.gameOver = () => {}

That’s it. Play the game. Go get a coffee. Get a high score!!!

For people on a desktop on an ethernet connection

In case you’re connected to an ethernet connection and turn off the Wi-Fi to play this game, then there’s a workaround available.

Again, in Chrome Dev Tools section, open the Console drawer below, select Network Conditions.

Simulate offline condition

In that panel, set Network throttling to Offline.

Enter any web address to get to the game.