I’ve always been a fan of Fossil which has been my go-to version management system since ages.

I wanted to set up fossil for all the code that I write. Fossil being a single binary file which I can put anywhere (and add that to the path) has always been a breeze to use.

So, all I needed to do was to put the fossil executable in /user/bin and I was set.

However, I also want to have a page to go to the list of repositories I create.

The repositories were in my <home directory>/REPOs and fossil has a command to list the repositories on a page via the fossil server command.

fossil server --nojail --repolist --localhost\
 --port 3939 --scgi <home directory>/REPOs > /dev/null

This is served on localhost because the web server Nginx is configured to be redirected to the fossil server.